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Blagojevich jury gone for the weekend. Prosecutors: this could go on until the leaves change.

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Reporting with Lark Turner

Rod Blagojevich and Reid Schar continued battling until the end. Blagojevich answered few questions easily.

Schar brought up Tony Rezko, noting that Blagojevich once said he would wait until after Rezko was sentenced before he appointed someone to the Senate seat.

Blagojevich managed to interject, however, that he heard Rezko was put in solitary confinement, then wrote a letter to a judge saying he felt pressured to lie about Blagojevich as well as about Barack Obama.

Schar jumped around chronologically all afternoon, seemingly by design.
Blagojevich repeatedly asked him to allow him to read a whole transcript or see what Schar was referring to before he answered.

After court, Schar was asked how long cross examination could take.
"If it continues the way it's continued, the leaves will start turning," before it's over, he said.

Schar did note that the prosecution had a rebuttal case. And Blagojevich lawyer Shelly Sorosky said there are a couple of more defense witnesses who are brief.

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What is his logic on not appointing someone to the Senate seat until after Tony Rezko is sentenced???

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