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#Blagojevich jury complaint: We gained weight

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Many jurors said the disruption of their routines meant time away from their families.
So when they couldn't celebrate a birthday in person, jurors would call each
others' loved ones on their birthdays, singing to them as a group from the
deliberation room, Juror Rosemary Bennett, 73, of Aurora said.
Bennett even had her own birthday while serving jury duty.
"We became the singing jury," Bennett said with a smile. "I met some very, very
nice people."
Time on the jury meant something else - weight gain.
Juror Jessica Hubinek of Carol Stream said her half-marathon training went out the window.
She didn't have time to swim. Fast food, jury room pastries and treats jurors themselves brought in to celebrate each others' birthdays led to a couple extra pounds over the two months.
Plus, during their 10 days of deliberations, the court sprung for lunch at Lou Malnati's, Corner Bakery or Panera.
"There was lots of food to be had. Carbs. I've probably gained 10 pounds," Juror Maya Moody said. "I just look forward to getting back to my regular routine."

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Sam; I have to disagree, I am interested in what the jury was going through, thier point of veiw and all around never know when you are going to be called for jury duty...

OK, I'm all for coverage of the Blago trial, and Ms. Korecki has done a stellar job.

But this is absurd. It's a clear example of reaching for material when there's none left. "Blago" has become a buzz word and anything associated with him is bound to attract page views.

This isn't news and it saddens me to see a reporter with skills such as Korecki's waste their time on such nonsense.

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