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Blagojevich judge: Jury has a foreperson, set its daily schedule

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

In a hearing this afternoon, Judge James Zagel said the jury that will decide the fate of Rod Blagojevich has picked its foreperson.

The jury also set a daily schedule for its deliberations, Zagel said. He would not specify what that schedule was except to say the jury will end earlier than is typical.

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Zagel will also address a defense motion for mistrial in the hearing, which is still in progress. That motion included a mention by the defense suggesting Zagel misled them into putting Blagojevich on the stand.

The defense contends Zagel told them Blagojevich could talk about his understanding of the law or what was legal, but then Zagel wouldn't allow it.

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With the stuff they file on him Zagel has got to hate the defense. I have some questions about how effective a defense they are providing blago, I wonder if it so bad as to require sanction, I dont know it just seems like they have made an enemy of the judge with there second guessing which certainly doesn't help blago.

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