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Blagojevich fatigue affecting ... Blagojevich?

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Reporting with Lark Turner

It's late afternoon and either Rod Blagojevich is growing tired on the witness stand or he and his attorney are simply out of sync.

"I don't know what I'm saying. What am I talking about here?" Blagojevich asks Aaron Goldstein at one point. "Can you help me?"

At least half a dozen times this afternoon, Blagojevich asked Goldstein "where are you?" or "do you have a question for me?" or seems to lose his train of thought.

They are continuing through the transcripts and Blagojevich seems to keep losing his place.

It is Blagojevich's fourth day on the witness stand.

Goldstein had asked Judge James Zagel to break 15 minutes earlier, but the judge wants the defense to wrap up its direct questioning by tomorrow. So we're still at it.

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