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Blagojevich: Day 5 on the witness stand. To talk Jackson. Prosecution geared up.

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The prosecution took 11 days to put on its case. If Rod Blagojevich remains on the stand for the entirety of the day today, he'll match almost half of that (though on Friday, he went only half of a day).

Still, the ex-governor has one of the toughest parts of his testimony ahead of him: the Jackson allegations. He's heard on tape in early December saying he wants something "tangible, up front" from a supporter of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. who earlier had approached the Blagojevich camp with such a promise. But there's also a recording in early December where Blagojevich tells his brother he's playing Jackson. He's argued he was doing that so the Washington establishment will help him craft a deal to appoint Lisa Madigan and get legislation passed through the Illinois House.

Judge James Zagel has said he'd give prosecutors a chance to dig into Blagojevich today even if his lawyer takes all day to question him.

They might just take it.

At a break, Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar asked if the trial schedule could be changed so that the prosecution could begin on Friday. Zagel said "no."
But it's a clear sign: the prosecution's ready.

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He could try and sell the "tangilble, up front" comment as him meaning a job resume, references & long term's a stretch but he could sell it. And JJJ's $25,000 will be easy for Rod to explain seeing he put in JJJ's Dad's request for the lottery position...

IF Patrick Fitzgerald is going to justify his arrest of a sitting governor and his dramatic press conference, he's going to have to call Rezko or he's going to appear as corrupt as everyone he prosecutes...

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