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Blagojevich after trial says he has no regrets about taking stand

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Reporting with Lark Turner

Rod Blagojevich and his lawyers spoke after court today, where they said they had no regrets about the former governor's decision to take the witness stand. Blagojevich said he would have spent two and half years on the witness stand if he needed to "get the full story out."

Here's some of what Blagojevich said in the courthouse lobby:

"For two and a half years this has been a long and very difficult journey for Patti, for our daughters Amy and Annie, for me, of course.
I've waited two and a half years to finally get on the witness stand and tell the truth and to take as long as it takes to answer every question as honestly and as fully as possible, and I would have been certainly willing to spend two and a half year son the stand to get the full story out.
Two and a half years to listen to false misstatements, conversations twisted out of context.

In fact less than 2 percent of the tapes have still only been played in this trial and to the very end the government prosecutor twisting my words and twisting the truth when it comes to some of those issues. But we feel relieved, Patti and I, that we've had our chance. We literally did have our days in court where I had a chance to get up there and answer honestly every single question that I was asked and to answer as fully as I was allowed to answer."

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