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Week 7, Day 21: Blagojevich must explain Senate seat this week

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Day three of Rod Blagojevich's testimony begins today as the defense continues to give jurors its own take on the prosecution's various shakedown charges.

The government outlined five major shakedown allegations and Blagojevich last week testified about two of them.

The defense has yet to tackle the weightiest charge -- that the ex-gov attempted to sell President Obama's Senate seat. That's likely among the last allegations Blagojevich will discuss.

Last week, Judge James Zagel ruled that Blagojevich could testify that he really wanted to appoint Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to the Senate seat in exchange for a legislative package. But Zagel said he was unlikely to get in any of the recordings that support the theory. Why? Zagel said he didn't believe it. The defense repeatedly argued to get in this point, noting that it wanted the jury to decide whether it was believable.

Whether he plays new tapes -- Blagojevich has much explaining to do when it comes to the Senate seat. He must answer various tapes -- including one where he's heard telling his brother to meet with a donor, and instructing that he wants something "tangible up, front."

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"tangible up, front."

Could he be refering to a job resume and references?

Thanks for your great reporting - I keep trying to get down there to see the Blago testimony but it hasn't worked out yet. Has the courtroom been full with him on the stand?

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