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Video: Blagojevich addresses reporters after court

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Watch Rod Blagojevich address reporters beside his wife, Patti, after court Tuesday.

Here's the text from the Nov. 11 exchange with Doug Scofield Blagojevich refers to in the video:

BLAGOJEVICH: How 'bout a 501(c)(4) so I can advocate children's health care? Can't they get like Warren Buffet and some of those guys to put like $10, $12, $15 million dollars in that? Like right away.

SCOFIELD : Well, they probably could. (PAUSE)

BLAGOJEVICH: Then I can, I could advocate children's health care. Use that thing as a, you know as an advocacy tool and, ah... (PAUSE)

BLAGOJEVICH: How do you make a deal like that? I mean it's gotta be legal obviously, but... But it's very commonplace is it not? Doin' things like this?

SCOFIELD : Ah, I mean that kind of 501(c),(c)(4) is not unusual.

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