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Prosecutors say Blagojevich tried to dupe Greenlee

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

While defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein points to conversations where Blagojevich says Jesse Jackson Jr. is his second choice, the prosecution is trying to show Blagojevich was really considering him -- and had something to hide.

In a Dec. 4 call Blagojevich says he's only pretending to consider Jesse Jackson Jr. to get people in Washington, D.C. to help him strike a political deal to appoint Lisa Madigan.

But Blagojevich calls his brother less than 20 minutes later with a bit of a different story.

"Why the f--- should I send f---ing Lisa Madigan who gets zero support among African Americans, piss off my base," says Rod Blagojevich to his brother Robert.

He continues to talk about a Madigan deal in that conversation, but says he's not going to rule out appointing Jackson Jr. and getting something in return.

"You know, here's f---ing Jesse," Blagojevich says. "The people want him. Tak-, y-, and so do, you know what? You're not giving me s---, so there. And I can cut a better political deal with these Jacksons and, and most of it you probably can't believe, but some of it can be tangible up front."

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