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Prosecutors: $1.5 million makes Jesse Jackson Jr. a lot less "repugnant" to Blagojevich

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Reporting with Lark Turner

Yesterday, Rod Blagojevich's jury heard the former governor describe Jesse Jackson Jr. as a "repugnant" option for the U.S. Senate.

Today, things have changed.

Prosecutors just played a recording where Blagojevich tells his chief of staff John Harris that Jackson is now at the top of his list.

Harris at times laughs in the conversation, pointing to the then-governor's flip-flopping.

Blagojevich gives him a reason:
"Well, he's come to me with, through third parties, you know with offers of campaign contributions and help...You know what I mean? 1.5 million. They've, they're throwin' numbers around."

Harris: "Well, I mean that's not the factor."

But Blagojevich steams ahead, saying that he has to consider Jackson if he's considering Lisa Madigan, the daughter of his political nemesis. And he says a Jackson pick will play well in the African American community.

"That, that, you know if that's the case then why should I beanything but f---in' strengthen, you know, my position with my base. I mean among blacks that, that'll be the best pick won't it?"

Noting that Blagojevich a week earlier yelled at Harris for suggesting Jackson as a candidate, Assistant U.S. Attorney Carrie Hamilton asked Harris if anything had changed in that period.

"A specific amount of campaign contributions that were being ... offered to the governor," Harris said.
Hamilton: "In exchange for Congressman Jackson?"
Harris: "Yes."

Prosecutors contend that Blagojevich plotted to appoint Jackson the Senate seat for a $1.5 million campaign contribution. Jackson supporters had approached the Blagojevich camp with the offer. Jackson has denied wrongdoing.

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Blagojevich is the same as President Obama.They are both honest?

Government Jury Tampering and FBI/DOJ Perjury in Blagojevich Show Trial

Our federal government is out of control and Americans need to rein it in. Our government uses prosecutors and a corrupt justice system to crush anyone that stands against its criminality or exposes it mendacity.

Governor Blagojevich is being railroaded by an ambitious and egomaniacal prosecutor on a bad monomaniacal Captain Ahab trip. He is furious Governor Blagojevich has beat the DOJ, the judiciary, the federal court system and federal prosecutors despite having denied Governor Blagojevich witnesses, evidence, recordings, notes and even justice.

When the FBI could not win a single count from their 23-count indictment, they then lied and accused Blagojevich of perjury for forgetting the date of a phone call. Yet, they refused to allow him to review his own notes or allow him to see the evidence against him.

The FBI also refused to allow him to even tape record his statements so as to protect himself from them saying he said something he did not say. But, the FBI and the judge refused to allow him to take notes or record his statement while the FBI, instead of recording it electronically, used an agent to write down what Blagojevich allegedly said. Now an agent CLAIMS Blagojevich committed perjury.

Then the piece-of-shit judge, to ensure he did not have any money, refused to allow Gov. Blagojevich to be on a reality show where he could have earned some money for his criminal defense. The government has decided to continue the malicious prosecution of Blagojevich to cause the man complete economic ruin and ensure he will end up with a public defender.

This case is all about prosecutors with relatives who were political insiders trying to oust the governor so they could get his job. And, they succeeded. This fact is no secret in Illinois, the White House, or Rahm’s new mayor’s office. The Judge refused to allow Blagojevich to call Rahm Emanuel who had repeated conversations with Blagojevich and was an intimate insider completely familiar with the case.

The FBI murders and tortures with impunity. It has become the national political police doing the bidding of corrupt politicians that seek to placate religious fundamentalist supporters. The FBI and its agents beat and tortured innocents and then hid their crimes from the American people. They are not the friends of the American people. They are a source of tyranny whereby Americans suffer under a two-tiered justice system that holds the people under the threat of complete and utter ruin while the FBI and the elite that control them engage in every specie of crime to which Americans can be made victim, to include torture and murder.

FBI/DOJ Corruption

Why is it considered flipflopping when the former governor weighs out different options when there has been no conclusion to the consideration?

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