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Blagojevich prosecutors say they'll rest case tomorrow

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Prosecutors trying former governor Rod Blagojevich plan to rest their case tomorrow, they told U.S. District Judge James Zagel after court Wednesday.

The prosecution sliced out huge portions from its case in this retrial, with testimony stretching across fewer than three weeks. Since last week, prosecutors had been dropping hints that they could wrap up by week's end.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar said only a handful of witnesses are left in the case and they will take less than an hour and a half on direct examination. Blagojevich lawyer Shelly Sorosky said he doesn't expect long questioning by the defense.

The prosecution finished up with witness John Johnston, a racetrack owner, this afternoon. They told Zagel that tomorrow they plan to call Donald Feinstein, the executive director of the Academy for Urban School Leadership; Bradley Tusk, Blagojevich's one-time deputy governor; FBI special agent Dan Cain; and maybe consultant Doug Scofield, to briefly ask him a few follow-up questions.

Zagel said he thinks it's "extremely unlikely" that the Blagojevich defense will not put on a case; however, they haven't definitively said if they'll call any witnesses. Their case, if any, will start on Monday.

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