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Patti Blagojevich: 'I almost want to cry' because of government objections

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Click to view picture: Patti Blagojevich delivers an emotional statement after court
Reporting with Natasha Korecki

A visibly upset Patti Blagojevich delivered an emotional statement after court today, saying she was outraged at what she called "a deliberate attempt to hide the truth" after the government consistently objected to (and Judge James Zagel sustained) many of the defense's questions in cross-examination.

"I almost want to cry," Patti said as she stood beside her husband. "I'm no lawyer, but I thought the whole idea of this was to get the truth to come out, and that's clearly not what's happening here."

Zagel forbid the defense to ask many of their questions, only overruling a few of the prosecution's dozens and dozens of objections. The questions, Zagel said, were in "implicit violation" of his earlier rulings on what's allowed in court and went beyond the scope of prosecutors' questioning. The defense is free to call the witnesses up again if they want to ask some of those questions, he said, but warned them that if they continued to ask those types of questions he would 'sit them down' in court.

"I'm coming very close to sitting you down," Zagel warned Goldstein in a tense courtroom moment. "Don't do this."

The warning came after Goldstein asked SEIU leader Tom Balanoff if, in his conversation with Valerie Jarrett pertaining to Blagojevich's request for a cabinet appointment, he conveyed that Blagojevich wanted "one for the other." Then he asked if Balanoff went to authorities after their exchange.

Prosecutor Reid Schar shot up with an objection and Zagel made clear Goldstein was treading on dangerous water.

Zagel already hinted he wasn't liking the questioning before that exchange.

"If this is about the end of your cross, you can sit down now," Zagel told him.

"It isn't," Goldstein said simply, and continued questioning.

When Zagel talked to lawyers after the jury left the courtroom, he became stern and told the defense their questioning was consistently improper and was "implicitly -- and now explicitly -- in violation of my order."

Goldstein asked if he could reply. Zagel cut him off, telling him he'd ruled this way before and he didn't plan on repeating it.

"I want you to understand it and I don't want you to reply to it now," Zagel said. Then, with emphasis: "I want you to comply with it."

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Maybe the future Pres didn't call Rod himself,
because he didnt like the guy.....

Rod being on the receiving end of a call from Tom Balanoff acting as an emissary for Obama would have been the first clue that this was a 'quid pro qou' on behalf of both parties and that Obama was well aware the fed's were listening to Rod's conversations...WHY would Obama NOT call his old friend and ally himself? He had all his contact numbers....Why didn't Obama have his assistant call Rod?? Was he afraid the 'Governor' wouldn't take his call? No he had just won the Presidential election, the Pope would have taken his call...Would it have been a time saver for Barack to use an emissay??? Never is...
The only reason for Barack to use Balanoff is to avoid detection by the FBI and to negotiate an illegal deal...otherwise he would have made the call himself or had his lawyer do it...

If Blago would take the stand as he promised to do hundreds of times, then any tape he wanted to be played could be heard. Patti clearly has caught Rod's mental illness. He's going to jail for a long time because he lied from day one. The only one who believes his lies is Patti and himself.

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