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Blagojevich lawyers, prosecutors in court to talk about defense witnesses

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Lark Turner Reporting

Rod Blagojevich's lawyers were in court today to talk about potential witnesses at trial next week. Defense lawyer Sheldon Sorosky said today the defense has about 10 potential witnesses on its list.

Lawyers have been in a closed sidebar much of the hearing.

Defense lawyers want to bring in some of their own phone calls, not surprising given Blagojevich's repeated mantra that he wants more tapes played.

There's a chance the defense won't get going Monday because of a potential scheduling issue. The defense is saying it will reveal more of their witnesses to the prosecution late Monday or early Tuesday. There is no court Tuesday next week.

There's also been talk about discussing jury instructions in court on Monday, which could eat up a couple of hours.

Today, the prosecution filed its proposed jury instructions. There's 61 of them. There's also a sample verdict form in the document: Click here

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