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Harris testimony: Blagojevich's chances of being U.N. ambassador 'extremely remote'

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Under cross-examination, former chief of staff John Harris said he told his boss Blagojevich that his chances of becoming U.N. ambassador were "extremely remote," even though that wasn't the case.

"I actually thought it would be no chance," Harris said.

So, Goldstein wondered, why did you tell him it would be extremely remote?

"It seemed more polite," Harris responded, and Goldstein replied, "I understand."

The defense is getting its questions in, but it seems like most of them aren't being answered.

Goldstein continues to rack up a slew of objections in the cross-examination, which has ranged this morning from questions about alleged shakedowns of the horseracing industry and a Chicago school to allegations about the Senate seat.

Goldstein has repeatedly implied that Blagojevich wanted to appoint himself to the Senate seat all along and that at times Harris and Blagojevich were "just shooting the breeze about politics."

Goldstein also brought up Harris' legal background and tried to get him to say part of his job as chief of staff was advising the governor, lines of questioning that were rejected by the judge. The defense is trying to imply that if anything the governor did was illegal, his legally-trained advisers should have told him so.

The court's now breaking for lunch.

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