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Fed informant passed delicate message to Blagojevich from Obama

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Reporting with Lark Turner

John Harris testifies that on Nov. 10, 2008, lobbyist John Wyma called him with a message from President-Elect Obama's camp.

Harris, of course, doesn't know that Wyma at this point had been secretly working with the feds for at least a month in the Blagojevich probe. Wyma, former congressional chief of staff to Blagojevich, was also close to Rahm Emanuel.

"(Wyma) told me he had a message to deliver to me from Rahm Emanuel, who was trying to get a hold of the governor. And John Wyma was trying to get a hold of the governor, but they could not get through. I understood they knew each other well, Wyma was chief of staff," to Blagojevich Harris testified. It does not appear that the Wyma/Harris phone call happened on a wired line.

The message Wyma passed along?
"That the President-elect would be thankful and appreciative if the governor would appoint Valerie Jarrett to the Senate seat," Harris said. "I said I understood and I would deliver the message."

On Nov. 11, Harris relays the message to his boss. This time the call is recorded.

"We know he wants her, they're not willing to give me anything, just appreciation, f--- them," Blagojevich says on tape.

The next day, Valerie Jarrett pulled out of contention for the Senate seat post.

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Two simple 147 grain hollow points should take care of the problem. Why can't we just kill the bastard?

I was actually led here by a Obama-hating blogger who frothed that "It's all falling apart for poor Barry, Michie and Mama Valerie. The piggies are squealing!"

And all it turns out to be is Rahm asking for Jarrett to be considered and offering exactly nothing in return, for which Blaggo curses him out, an infamous quote we've known for a couple of years now.

What an All Hat No Cattle story!

Blago is their fall boy... He's goofed enough where the rest is believable and they all but have him sewn in.

I'm still hoping the unthinkable happens and the truth surfaces,,,is uncovered,,,,,cuz ,, well,,, you know,,, justice for all (especially ALL of the guilty people) would be a good change.

Play ALL the tapes. Or damn the pigs for what they have done.

@Jeff I'm just a little worried who the outfit is in this story. Sounds like Rahm and Wyma setting a guy up. Or setting up their own exculpation.

Blago is my hero!

I wanted to tell the president I have a plan that would develop 1,380, 000.00 jobs in approximately 3-6 months .... The revenue from these job would be
$1,742,171,760.00 in one day. I would like someone to contact me my number is 313-608-2206

We are all suppose to pretend that it doesn't matter that Wyma tipped off Obama, his staff and the Trib??? That's what the feds are doing...I am no fan of Rod but this whole process stinks.

This is the way the Outfit works...

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