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Blagojevich witness: 'I just really did not want to continue to be on the phone'

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The prosecution breezed through its questioning of former deputy governor Robert Greenlee this morning in just a few minutes, finishing up with brief testimony on an alleged shakedown regarding the Illinois Tollway. Defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein is cross-examining Greenlee now.

He's just brought up the following exchange from a Dec. 4 call played yesterday:

BLAGOJEVICH: I mean you're contradicting me here, you're, you know. Eh, uh, it's a repugnant idea, but I need to leverage that Jesse Jr. with these f---in' national people.
GREENLEE: I see what your play is.
BLAGOJEVICH: To get the deal for Lisa and they gotta f---in'...
BLAGOJEVICH: follow what I'm saying?
GREENLEE: That's your play.

Greenlee testified that the governor was lying about the play to appoint Lisa Madigan to the Senate seat in exchange for passing policies in Illinois. Instead, he said he understood from a conversation earlier that day that the governor wanted to try and get money from Jesse Jackson Jr. or his supporters in exchange for an appointment. But Greenlee says he lied for a simple reason.

"My goal through all of this was I just really did not want to continue to be on the phone," Greenlee said.

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