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Blagojevich to kids visiting courthouse: "tell your mom or dad I never raised their taxes."

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By Lark Turner

Rod Blagojevich was just talking to a bunch of kids, like 20 of them, who were outside the courtroom.

They're checking stuff out but there's not enough room for them in the courtroom. Blagojevich tells them:

"I'm not the governor anymore. When I was governor I could've gotten you in."

He asked if any of them wanted to go into politics. When a couple kids raised their hands, he told them it's a "dangerous profession" and advised them to pick a different career.

He also said about the trial: "it's just as uncomfortable as the first one"

And as a sendoff:
"Be sure to tell your mom or dad I never raised their taxes."

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Hey I was also one of the kids who you were talking to! I had soooo much fun in the courthouse!

It was very cool for the kids to be so close to the news to realize it is real. However, it would have been nice to tell the kids to stick to the truth to keep them as just visitors to the court. :-) My daughter did in fact share the take-home message. It may be true, but it gave us a chance that sometimes the truth isn't the whole story!

When my daughter told me the take home message, I told her that it may be true, but he didn't necessarily spend it well. Too bad he didn't take the chance to tell them how important it is to stick to the truth! (But what a thrill for the kids to be so close to the action - and realize that the news is real!)

HI!!! I was one of the kids you saw at the courthouse. I was so happy to see you. I wanna see again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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