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Blagojevich to Harris on getting cabinet position: How about U.N. ambassador?

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

In the same phone call where John Harris tells Blagojevich that Obama wanted Valerie Jarrett appointed to the seat (a desire relayed to Harris through Rahm Emanuel, Harris says), Blagojevich asks Harris what appointment he might get in the President-elect's cabinet.

"What other cabinet position would be not stupid?" Blagojevich asks Harris, throwing out the possibility of being appointed the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Harris tells him it's unlikely.

"Ridiculous?" Blagojevich asks. "S---, that'd be cool."

On the call, the two men laugh. In court today, Blagojevich smiles with his head down.

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No one thinks it's strange that Obama didn't call or email Rod directly? It would not have been illegal for Obama to call or write Rod and give him a list of preferences for the Senate seat, their qualifications and how they would benefit the State of Illinois...Instead, he goes through Emanuel & Balanoff to do his bidding for him? and no one thinks this behaviour is a little suspicious coming from the President elect??? no one think's he got tipped off that Rod was under the federal scope??? NO one cares that the fbi's investigation was interupted by John Chase of the Trib? WHY don't the feds care?

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