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Blagojevich testimony: 'I'm here today to tell you the truth'

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki and Abdon M. Pallasch

Rod Blagojevich is on the stand and defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein is starting off with Blagojevich's life history. He's laying it on thick.

When asking where Blagojevich grew up, Goldstein corrected himself. "I think I misspoke," he said. "I said house. Did you grow up in a house?"

"No," Blagojevich answered; he grew up in an apartment.

Goldstein first asked his client to introduce himself to the jury.

"I used to be your governor," Blagojevich said, "and I'm here today to tell you the truth."

The courtroom seems puzzled by all the back-and-forth, which has covered topics ranging from Little League, Blagojevich's childhood job as a shoe-shiner, his hoop dreams to his family. The first piece of evidence published by the defense is a picture of Blagojevich's family, where a young Blagojevich, head full of hair, stands next to his older brother Robert who is wearing a checkered jacket.

Jurors seem engrossed in Blagojevich's testimony, staring at Blagojevich without smiling despite the former governor's apparent attempts at jokes.

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