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Blagojevich testimony arrives at Senate seat charges

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

At the close of his third day on the stand, Rod Blagojevich is approaching the government's flagship charges in the case against him: that he tried to sell President Barack Obama's old Senate seat.

His defense lawyer, Aaron Goldstein, starts out by asking Blagojevich how he makes decisions and why he spent so much time at home as governor. Blagojevich says it's because he was making budget cuts and wanted to distance himself from special interests, and said it's an idea he got from President Richard Nixon.

That cuts off his explanation. Blagojevich's wife, Patti, giggles at his Nixon mention.

"I was hunkering down to be away from all the men and women and interests who wanted money," Blagojevich explains.

He adds that it was easier to combine politics and governing when he wasn't on a state phone or in a state office.

He saw the Senate seat appointment as an opportunity -- to prove himself.

"I felt that the Senate seat was one of my last best opportunities to try to use this opportunity to make the best decision I could, and I wanted to be very careful," Blagojevich testifies.

To that end, he considered different options -- "good ones, bad ones, stupid ones, ugly ones" -- to try and make the best decision.

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What's the difference between a politician who gets money from a union or another group who does business with the state/ city without asking for the money and one who asks for the money? Is it illegal to ask for money from contractors??? If we looked into every politicians campaign fund we we see money from the people they do business with guaranteed!! So it becomes illegal when it's asked for in relation to legislation/ favors etc. All the other smart pols just have unspoken rules. This trial is so bogus

How about all the costs to the state to fly you down to Springfield amd back?

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