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Blagojevich says he sounds like 'an effin' jerk' on tape

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki and Abdon M. Pallasch

On his first morning of testimony, Rod Blagojevich says he'll get into talking about his tapes later. But he took a moment to apologize for the profanity on the tapes, saying his teenage daughter told him this morning to watch his language when she wished him good luck on the stand.

"When I hear myself saying that on tape, I'm an effin' jerk, and I apologize," he said. "It makes you wince."

He added that when he transferred to Northwestern University for his final two years of college he was insecure, an insecurity that he testified could at times be a "tremendous flaw."

"I always felt that these kids at Northwestern, they came from wealthier families, they came from better schools, I always felt a little intimidated that they were a lot smarter than me," he said. "I was afraid that I wouldn't measure up to the other kids."

He adds that he was in the "age of polyester" at Northwestern and the other students were walking around in khakis and shirts with alligators on them.

"It was right out of Saturday Night Fever," he said. "You are what you are, but I started wearing less polyester."

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