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Blagojevich retrial: Prosecutors shake their heads at defense's cross-examination

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Defense lawyer Sheldon Sorosky is doing his best to keep prosecutors shaking their heads and on their feet.

At one point, he tries to show that Children's Memorial Hospital CEO Patrick Magoon was part of the Illinois Hospital Association, a major political fund-raiser. Sorosky wants to show -- through questions to hospital lobbyist John Wyma -- that doctors take part in political fund-raising through the IHA, so it wouldn't be that unusual that Magoon get a fund-raising call from the Blagojevich camp. But prosecutor Carrie Hamilton is still on her feet objecting.

Sorosky has moved onto asking about an alleged shakedown of the Illinois roadbuilders' industry, which prosecutors discussed with Wyma Thursday.

Sorosky is focusing on October 2008 when Wyma began cooperating with the FBI. He attended fund-raising meetings with Blagojevich and others in the ex-governor's inner circle.

In one meeting, Wyma says Blagojevich was discussing a possible $1.8 billion plan to improve the tollway and was going to have his adviser Lon Monk hit up a roadway representative for $500,000.

"If they don't perform," Wyma said Blagojevich told him. "F--- 'em."

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