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Blagojevich retrial: Jury hears 'effin' golden' tape

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Doug Scofield hasn't been on the stand for long, but the prosecution is starting off with the infamous "effin' golden" tape, where Blagojevich talks to Scofield about what he might get in exchange for the Senate seat.

He talks again about the Health and Human Services position, though he acknowledges it's a long-shot.

"Health and Human Services, I'd take that in a second. That'll never happen," Blagojevich says. "UN ambassador, I'd take that. 'You Russian m*****f*******s.'"

At that quote, a male juror smiled. He smiled again moments later when the famous quote cropped up.

"I've got this thing and it's f***in' golden, and I'm not gonna give it up for f***in' nothing," Blagojevich says.

"He's not giving up this appointment to the Senate seat without getting something in return," Scofield testifies.

But the transcript's not quite the same as the one the jury heard last year -- it's been cut. A part where Blagojevich talks about how he feels like he "failed" and how Obama is a "demi-god" was redacted.

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