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Blagojevich retrial: Defense rattles prosecution from the get-go

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Well, that didn't take long. After just one witness, the government's top prosecutor, agitated and angered, was on his feet lodging a complaint with the judge.
"It looks like we're hiding the ball because we're objecting. It's inappropriate." said Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar. He talked outside the jury's presence.
The issue: defense lawyer Lauren Kaeseberg asked FBI Special Agent Dan Cain a series of questions that the judge had already ruled the defense could not ask.
The questions were about the FBI's wiretapping. They included asking if agents decided when to turn on and off the taping.
Schar was incensed because he had to stand up and object to a series of questions that raised questions over whether the FBI was picking and choosing what to record in the 42 days of wiretapping the former governor.
Judge James Zagel interjected in front of the jury, giving a lengthy legal explanation of the rules involving wiretapping, that it's allowed by Congress, etc.
Outside the jury's presence, Zagel warned the defense they were out of line.
He said if the defense wants to preserve their record, they could question Cain outside the jury's presence -- that would not violate his ruling.
"I don't want to be sustaining objections to stuff that I clearly ruled on," Zagel said.
"If I made a mistake and this ends badly for your client, there's a place you can go."

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fuck blago he is a douche bag

Appealing to the 7th Circuit is somewhat of a joke. They will find every error "harmless error" for any insane reason. Go to their website and read some of their opinions. They've never met an unjust case that they didn't affirm.

Blagojevich doesn't have a prayer:(. They are blocking their main defense from even being heard on the assumption that the FBI chose which tapes to play for totally legitimate reasons- the defense is not allowed to let the jury doubt that. I don't get it?Am I missing something? How is that fair?

"If I made a mistake and this ends badly for your client, there's a place you can go."

What does that mean?

Natasha: you are an excellent court reporter.

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