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Blagojevich retrial: Day 18. Prosecution to rest, Blagojevich prepping to testify, but will he?

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Up today: Prosecution says it'll rest its case, possibly before lunch.
But first, we must hear from:

1. Former Deputy Gov. Bradley Tusk, who will testify about a shakedown allegation involving a school in Rahm Emanuel's district when he was congressman.
2. Donald Feinstein, the executive director for that school, the Academy for Urban School Leadership.
3. Doug Scofield, who will be recalled briefly for a few follow-up questions.
4. FBI special Agent Daniel Cain.


Judge James Zagel will give the defense until Monday to begin. There's much flying about what the defense may or may not do. Blagojevich has been prepping to testify since before the trial began, including by mock cross examination from different lawyers. But sources cautioned that discussions could take a sharp turn at any time. Indeed, Blagojevich attorneys were huddling on Wednesday night after court.

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What became of the testimony from the the ethics coordinator for IL?
In the first trial, I thought prosecutors made the point of Blago having completed a mandatory state ethics course reminding him not to engage in pay for play politics?

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