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Blagojevich retrial: Day 15 -- Are we nearing the end?

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The prosecution's case continued at a rapid clip last week, with the government trimming witnesses, testimony and tapes.

The government, having re-focused its case squarely on the Senate seat and four other shakedown allegations, has hinted that it could very well wrap up by week's end.

The major witnesses remaining include racetrack owner Johnny Johnston, road building executive Gerry Krozel and Children's Memorial Hospital CEO Patrick Magoon. We're not likely to see onetime national fund-raiser Joe Cari. If Lon Monk takes the stand, sources said, his testimony would be limited compared to the ex-governor's first trial, with his focus on the racetrack shakedown allegation.

Today: John Wyma's testimony continues. He has yet to undergo cross examination.

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Will anyone ask him WHO he told that he was acting as a covert agent for the feds??? Will the feds charge him for telling John Chase and Rahm Emanuel???
HOW do the feds pick and choose who to charge?

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