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Blagojevich retrial: Day 12, the tapes keep coming

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Day 11 in review

Prosecution: By keeping the focus squarely on the Senate seat charges with Wednesday's witnesses, former deputy governor Robert Greenlee and Rajinder Bedi, prosecutors continue to get Blagojevich's voice played in the courtroom debating what to get for the Senate seat. Today mostly focused on one potential candidate: Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Defense: Of all the charges, Blagojevich said after court Wednesday, the allegations he shook down Children's Memorial Hospital hit the hardest because of his commitment to healthcare.

A quote from the tapes: "I f---ing busted my a--- and pissed people off and gave your grandmother a free f---ing ride on a bus, OK? I gave your f---ing baby a chance to have healthcare," Blagojevich angrily tells Greenlee in a Nov. 4, 2008 call. "And what do I get for that? Only 13 percent of you out there think I'm doing a good job. So f--- all of you."

Up next: Greenlee returns to the stand this morning. Defense will likely start cross-examining him sometime today.

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