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Blagojevich on tape: Obama is 'all take and no give'

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A frustrated Rod Blagojevich told advisers in a Nov. 10 call that he doesn't want to appoint Valerie Jarrett because he won't get anything for it from President Obama.

"So then they all leave town and I'm left with gridlock, a f---ing pissed-off speaker, potential impeachment, and a f---ing president who's all take and no give," he tells his wife and a couple advisers in the call, later adding: "You get a president who's selfish and just ditches people, so you get nothing."

Click here to read the transcript and hear the recording.

But adviser Doug Sosnik advises him to tread carefully around Obama.

"If you take a broader horizon, I think you get more out of it by certainly picking an African American and probably not sticking your finger in the eye of the next president of the United States, who's from your home state," Sosnik tells Blagojevich.

Patti Blagojevich chimes in toward the end of the call, expressing her belief that waiting for any kind of political help from Obama later on is "baloney."

"I don't think you live your life hoping that somebody's gonna help you down the line," she says.

Now the prosecution is playing a Nov. 11 call between Blagojevich and Doug Scofield, who's currently on the stand, where Scofield says he wants Blagojevich to get something tangible for the appointment. All the while, a children's TV show plays in the background.

"It's not entirely outlandish to say, look, we're all your friends, who want you to leverage this. I mean the president being grateful is fine. I think everybody would say that's a good first step, but you know for me at least I think you gotta add somethin' to that," Scofield tells Blagojevich. "I mean everybody sees takin' care of Barack's person, there's value in it. But you gotta make the value I think a little more tangible."

"I hear ya," Blagojevich replies.

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Liberal Patriot; your copy cat routine of mocking anyone who has anything negative to say about Obama is old, stale and not at all orignial why don't you just use the race card...If you followed the first trial of Rod, the Tony Rezko trial and all the plea deals related to this case you would know that Rod really is more "pristine" on Rezko than Obama...Pay attention to the testimony of Balanoff, Wyma and Harris it is quite apparent that Obama was tipped off...What reason would Obama have to use Tom ? Why didn't he call himself, he was an old friend and long time ally of Rod? If he didn't want to speak to Rod, why didn't he have someone from his staff call him???
Mr. Patriot; Why did the President not mention his phone call to Tom Balanoff in his internal investigation?????
Mr. Patriot; Do you think Patrick Fitzgerald didn't know or forgot to ask in his 2 hour meeting he had with Obama just after Rod's arrest????

They all do it. Shady and greedy is the only job requirement. Blago just got caught. so was it worth is Blago? you think you dad is proud of you? if any thing you bring to light 1 thing...if you want to make it, you don't work hard like your dad or my dad did. you just step on any one who is in the way....

...or maybe he's just honest. OMG!

Bessie must have a great source... perhaps the aliens that call her via her aluminum foil hat know how Obama was personally involved in the Hoffa murder and how Obama pulled the trigger on the guns that killed both Kennedys.

There are many instances of Obama's representatives refusing to deal. And yet the morons can't help but bleat like the Fox News sheep they are.

"a f---ing president who's all take and no give," Obama was all take and 'no give' because he was tipped off that the feds were listening...and quite possibly setting him up???

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