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Blagojevich jury to see how former governor condemned Ryan's act

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We're back in this morning with a brief argument before the first witness, FBI Agent Dan Cain, is called to the stand.
Lawyers are arguing over whether the prosecution can have Cain talk about a newspaper article published right after the conviction of former governor George Ryan.
In that article, Blagojevich condemns Ryan's actions.
"This one actually goes to the intent of the defendant at the relevant time period," prosecutor Reid Schar tells the judge.
Attorney Shelly Sorosky says the article is predjudcial and shouldn't be introduced.
But Judge James Zagel says he'll allow it.
"There is a flavor of not being fully cognizant of the conduct in which he's accused ... that this conduct was maybe not fully realized to be wrong," Zagel says. "This is not a governor saying: "well it wasn't so bad, he's doing what any other governor would do."
Prosecutors said they'll refer to the article without saying it is about Ryan, but a public official.

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