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Blagojevich judge to defense lawyer: 'Be more precise'

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The jury in the Blagojevich trial was just escorted out of the courtroom to allow defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein to pursue a line of questioning with Robert Greenlee so U.S. District Judge James Zagel could make sure it was OK.

The exchange was about the morning Blagojevich was arrested, when the FBI also knocked on Greenlee's door early in the morning, played snippets of tapes for him and asked him questions. With the jury out of the room, Goldstein asked Greenlee several times if he was scared.

Goldstein: You were scared?
Greenlee: Yes.
Goldstein: You were worried about being prosecuted?
Greenlee: Yes.
Goldstein: You were worried about going to jail?
Greenlee: Yes.
Goldstein: You were scared because of a lot of potential things that could happen to you and your family, is that correct?
Greenlee: Yes.

Greenlee said he talked with his lawyers and later decided to cooperate with the FBI, which he didn't do immediately.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar objected to the repetition of the questions about Greenlee being scared that morning, though Goldstein was allowed to address it once in front of the jury. But Zagel used the opportunity to take a perhaps-professorial tone with Goldstein.

"You ask universal questions that cover the entire range of time from the beginning of the world through today ... My suggestion is that you be more precise," Zagel said. "I can understand why, once in a while, you're fishing for something, but sometimes I think you're just going too fast."

When the audience rose for the jury to come back in, Zagel turned his instruction to them.

"You're standing up too soon," he said.

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yes I didn't see this, nice that they pointed out that no rational person would take on the us government, to expensive and too risky. And clearly must be lying in court because they told federal agents a different story, which they knew if they did lie to the federal agents it would be a crime and since it was reported that rods conversations where recorded they knew they could lie when they interviewed so it is more likely they are lying now since they have alot more to gain lying now then they did when they first talked to the fbi/prosecutors(it was just as much a crime to lie then) anyway lying on the stand as a witness cant really be proven when your the only one who know what you understood things to mean, so it is a golden opportunity for the G, its effing golden.

Even though rods clearly selfish and likely guilty I'd like to a good trial, and im not sure any of his actions had a negative impact on the states population, every one of the candidates considered where highly qualified, except for maybe Ronald and he only got it because nobody else wanted it

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