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Blagojevich judge: If jury is biased, it's because Blagojevich wouldn't close his mouth

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Judge James Zagel denied a motion by the defense to scrap the jury and start over, saying that if the jury pool was contaminated, it was mostly because Blagojevich wouldn't stop talking to the media and "invited juror opinion."

"He was asking them to have an opinion, and I think under these circumstances much of the dilemma he faces here was created by himself," Zagel said.

He added that jurors who were grouped with Juror 101 (who told a radio station she thought other jurors were biased) were largely excused for cause because they had strong opinions.

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What a joke. Judge Zagel and the prosecution would like to pretend that the Dec. 9, 2008 press conference never happened. A defendant is presumed innocent and is allowed to proclaim his innocence in these United States.

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