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Blagojevich: Jesse Jackson Jr. is a "really bad" guy

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John Harris is still on the stand and we're listening to a conference call with Harris, Rod Blagojevich and gubernatorial advisers.

Adviser Fred Yang tells Blagojevich who he should not put in the Senate seat.

Yang: "The only option you should not consider is the appointment of Jesse Jackson Jr."
Blagojevich:"You and Obama agree on that one," he laughs. "Tell me why."
Yang: "I don't think he deserves to be in the United State Senate, number one, I don't think he can hold a Senate seat.

"Not to mention number 3," Blagojevich interjects: "He's a bad guy."
He's really not the guy I hoped or thought he was. He's really bad.
That's highly, highly, highly unlikely."

Jackson once burned Blagojevich when, in a gubernatorial primary, he backed Roland Burris after promising Blagojevich he'd get the endorsement.

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