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Blagojevich in December 2008: 'They have recordings of me?'

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The prosecution's just played tapes referencing a Chicago Tribune article printed on Dec. 5, 2008 that said John Wyma was cooperating with a federal investigation.

Late on the evening of Dec. 4, Blagojevich gets a call from his spokesman Lucio Guerrero.

"You probably know this," Guerrero says. "Ah, Scofield and I got a call from John Chase about ten minutes ago. Uh, he said they're writing a story for tomorrow's paper that says as part of a federal investigation they have recordings of you and also, John Wyma's cooperating with the feds."

Apparently, though, Blagojevich didn't yet know it.

"They have recordings of me and Wy-, Wyma's cooperating with the feds? Who said that?" Blagojevich responds.

Now the prosecution's moving on to questioning Greenlee about an alleged shakedown of Children's Memorial Hospital.

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Do they have the recordings of John Chase calling Scofield and Guerro? Has anyone asked John Chase who it was that tipped him that the feds were taping Blago and that Wyma was an informant? Who had knowlege of Wyma's cooperation? Did John Chase give Obama and his staff a heads-up as well?

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