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Blagojevich: I followed my oath as governor. But I made mistakes

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Reporting with Lark Turner
Rod Blagojevich's jurors saw the ex-governor sworn in when he was elected governor. Prosecutors showed two videos of each oath.

So now he's asked:

"The oath meant to me, obviously."

Did he follow his oath of office?

"I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. I believe deep in my heart that I did follow that oath," Blagojevich said. He says he believed he stood up for average people. "I protected them from some burdens, like higher taxes."

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1 Comment

Rod is the true Bullsh*t artist. He also hurt many Illinoisians and threw many of his own people under bus without hesitation.
Sure hope the jury doesn't buy into in tale of woe.

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