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Blagojevich gets back to 'Madigan shenanigans'

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki and Abdon M. Pallasch

Rod Blagojevich is hammering home his point about Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and Madigan's role in holding up the Racetrack Bill.

Defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein is going over a call with Blagojevich and his friend Lon Monk about the bill. Monk was lobbying for the bill on behalf of racetrack executive John Johnston.

When Monk wonders what the holdup is, Blagojevich tells him on the tape that it's just a "timing issue." Goldstein asks Blagojevich what that meant.

"It was, 'I need time to sort that bill out with all the other issues to see whether there were any Madigan shenanigans with the other bills,'" Blagojevich answers. "Madigan shenanigans," he repeats, earning movement and smiles from jurors.

Goldstein: "Rod, were you holding this bill up to get a campaign contribution?"

"No," he says firmly. "No."

Then he gets to Monk's betrayal. Blagojevich says he "saw Lon as the good son I always thought he was -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Blagojevich stops himself.

"See if you can answer the question, yes or no," Judge James Zagel tells him.

Blagojevich, laughing, agrees: "OK Judge, OK," he replies.

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This proves to me it was all a lie. Free Rod from this chain.

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