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Blagojevich brings teenage daughter to court for his second day of testimony

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Rod Blagojevich's teenage daughter Amy is in court today to watch her dad get on the stand for a second day of testifying in his own defense. She's sitting next to her mom, Patti, on the bench behind the defense table.

As her husband takes the stand, Patti gets situated and puts her arm around her daughter. "Can you see?" she asks.

Both of Blagojevich's daughters showed up for closing arguments in last year's trial, but this is the first day either child has been in court during the retrial.

In an April interview with the Sun-Times, Rod and Patti said their daughters Amy, 14, and Annie, 8, are well aware of what's going on with their dad; "there was no hiding" the allegations against their dad with media camped outside the family's Ravens­wood Manor home after his arrest in 2008. Amy, a high school freshman, was frustrated when the retrial was delayed until April; she "just wants it over with," her mother said at the time.

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