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Blagojevich accidentally shuts off his own mic

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Reporting with Lark Turner

Rod Blagojevich is still talking about the racetrack legislation and answering allegations that he tried shaking down a horse-racing exec for a $100,000 contributions.

Aaron Goldstein refers back to a Lon Monk recorded conversation, where he complains that the longer the then-governor took to sign the bill, the more financial harm to the racing industry. The legislation siphoned casino profits and kicked it over to the horse-racing industry.

"Give us the f-ing money, because it's $9,000 a day, for every day," Blagojevich doesn't sign, Monk says in the conversation.

But Blagojevich said he didn't think the track was really losing that money.

"I understood Monk to be spinning, giving the company line," he said.

Blagojevich also tells the jury for the first time, that the legislation has been tied up in litigation since the casinos have long objected to boosting another industry.

We break for technical difficulties, the witness mic is not working and Blagojevich declares: "it's not my fault."

Turns out, the ex-gov's binder was resting on the "on/off switch." Perhaps that same binder would have come in useful when the FBI had its secret mics up and running.

When told, he says: "I misspoke, evidently it was my fault," he says to much laughter.

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Hey Natasha, Tom Bennett of NuclearChicago reported that he was removed from the courtroom last week by U.S.Marshalls because of his 'view' on Rezko....Did you see it?

Real FUNNY !!!!!!

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