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Think Blagojevich is guilty? Join his jury!

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An "effen golden" ticket to the Oprah Show has gotten one juror excused from jury duty in Rod Blagojevich's retrial, but defense lawyers are complaining that three people remain in the jury pool even though they initially said they believed the former governor was guilty.

Attorneys took issue in a Friday court filing with three potential jurors who said on initial jury forms that they believed the former governor was guilty.

Judge James Zagel had allowed these people to remain in the jury pool over protests from the defense. Zagel said he had questioned the individuals and remained convinced that they could put preconceptions "to one side" and be fair at trial.

The defense still has a chance to kick the people off the panel, but they will have to use up one of their peremptory strikes to get them off. Other jurors, who Zagel deemed to be unfair (or, in one case because she had a ticket to go to the Oprah Show) were stricken "for cause" by the judge. Blagojevich was asked this week if that woman's Oprah ticket was "golden" as he famously described the U.S. Senate seat appointment on tape.
No, he said, it was "effen golden."

From the defense motion:

#116 who wrote:
"Every chance he gets he keeps saying he will testify. I think I would hold it against him if he does not testify."
# 121 who wrote:
"Sounds like defendant is guilty"
# 160 who wrote:
- "I believe he is guilty and has a different private persona and a fake public persona."
- "I followed the trial closely in news and my ringtones are downloaded bleepin' quotes of Rod Blagojevich I got from the Springfield newspaper website."

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A significant, but overlooked ruling from Judge James Zagel means that jurors won't hear about Blagojevich's acts that happened after his arrest. The ruling means jurors won't hear that he signed horse-racing legislation and allowed pediatric rate in... Read More


Have the U.S. Attorney's turned over their witness list yet?


They keep beating Criminals, for things that all criminals have done or do worse! This is ridiculas and a waste of tax payer money!

Your right Katz after all;
If all the bank robbers rob banks why should we crucify only the ones that get caught.
It isn't fair and we should just look the other way the next time some one commits a crime. Other wise we are just wasting tax payers money.

Great logic eh what?

this men is not guilty prosecutor always want to send you to jail .police officer most of then walk free.

How can this man get a fair trail with people like this? Personnaly, I rather see him back as governor rather than that clown we have now! They keep beating Blago up, for things that all of the politicians have done or do worse! This is ridiculas and a waste of tax payer money! I'm moving to Indiana!

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