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Potential juror: I have 'bleeping' Blagojevich ringtones on my phone

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

A jack-of-all-trades potential juror said he had ringtones on his phone of what he called, according to Judge James Zagel, "the 'bleeping' calls" -- an apparent reference to swearing on some of Blagojevich's secretly-recorded phone calls.

When Zagel mentioned the ringtones, Blagojevich turned and smiled to his wife, Patti, who shot a glance at the giggling press.

The man, who's currently a chef, said some of his skill sets he's collected in various jobs include writing, food and wine, public relations and speech writing. He also used to work for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

The man said he used to be a news junkie, but now he only reads or watches 2-3 hours of news a day. To that, Zagel asked, "When does one become a news junkie?" The potential juror said he downloaded the ringtones from a Springfield newspaper's website.

In his questionnaire, the man criticized Blagojevich for not spending enough time in Springfield when he was governor and for his voting record as a congressman.

"I believe he is guilty and has a different private persona and a fake public persona," wrote the juror in his questionnaire, according to Zagel.

Despite all of that, he said he thought he could be fair if he were seated as a juror.

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