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Blagojevich to make statement today at 5 p.m. in front of his home

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Rod Blagojevich, who has been uncharacteristically quiet, will make a statement from in front of his Ravenswood Manor home today at 5 p.m.

Is this a surprise announcement that he will find a way to circumvent his trial, like, by offering some kind of guilty plea?
"No, absolutely not," said his lawyer, Sheldon Sorosky. "The man truly feels that he is innocent."

The event is scheduled from 5:03 p.m. to 5:06 p.m., presumably in the hopes that TV will carry his statement live.

It is not a news conference. That means Blagojevich can say what he wants live (to the ears of a listening jury pool) but then won't take any questions.

Blagojevich's retrial starts next week, Wednesday, with jury selection. He has a hearing in court tomorrow.

Sorosky said Blagojevich might talk about some recent legal rulings involving Children's Memorial Hospital and a racetrack scheme. The defense is disputing how the prosecution wants to present that evidence.
Another clue might be this recently filed motion by defense lawyers: "SEALED MOTION by Rod Blagojevich Objections to the Government's Original Proposed Redactions in Recordings Offered for Admission."

Blagojevich has often portrayed the government as trying to keep him from showing exonerating evidence --including recordings -- to jurors.

Anticipating this move, prosecutors filed a motion this week asking the judge to bar lawyers from making that argument to jurors.

But that wouldn't keep Blagojevich from saying it outside the courtroom.

Blagojevich did something similar just before last year's trial, when he all but challenged U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to a fist-fight.

A press release from Blagojevich's publicist also includes this below:

On April 12, news media outlet the Chicago Tribune filed a motion challenging the "Wholesale Filing of Pleadings Under Seal" to exercise its First Amendment and common law rights to gain access to Sealed Pleadings.
-Download Chicago Tribune motion

On April 11, Federal prosecutors filed a motion to further limit evidence the jury and the public sees and hears.
-Download Patrick Fitzgerald, US Attorney for Northern District, motion

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Once you're in public office you won't get a fair trial for anything. A double standard applies against a public figure, and if convicted they get sentenced for the personal gain of the sentencing judge so that he can make a statement to the nimrods who support him. Legal quackster

Government Jury Tampering, Evidence Tampering, Witness Tampering and Obstruction in Blagojevich Show Trial

Listen to yourself. He's so clean that 23 of the toughest charges wouldn't stick to him even without a defense, and he was convicted of something that everybody does 100 times a day without realizing. Yet you think that he's the media whore for standing up for himself?

He said the prosecutors were trying to prevent his lawyers from cross examining their witnesses??? WHAT's that about?

He will spin some crack pot yarn on how he is out to save the taxpayers of IL millions of dollars ans take a plea.

This guy is such a media whore, he just can't turn it off...

Maybe Rod will admit his guilt and do his time because he did the crime. Say hello to Club Fed.

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