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What #Blagojevich didn't say in news conference today

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Former governor Rod Blagojevich gave a news conference timed for TV and appeared to be aimed at a pool of potential jurors who will be called to federal court in a matter of days.

He spoke of his record as a governor. Then he once again complained about government recordings.

"They took selective snippets out of context," Blagojevich said of his secretly-recorded conversations. "To distort the truth and twist what is actually happening."

"Every time my lawyers tried to play tapes that would show my innocence, they objected," Blagojevich said of the prosecution.

Blagojevich didn't mention whether he would testify this time around. He didn't last time. His defense rested with no witnesses. And without playing one recording.

But if Rod Blagojevich does take the stand, according to the judge in his case, he'll have broad control over the recordings he can or cannot play in his defense.

Blagojevich also mentioned that the government filed a 24-page motion trying to block evidence or tapes. Here's our post on that motion: (click here) it actually served as a reminder that it's up to the judge -- and not the prosecution -- to allow recordings into the trial.

Here's our evening story on his news conference: Blagojevich news conference

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