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Blagojevich retrial: Zagel says 'embittered' person probably won't make jury

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

After Blagojevich's lawyers raised concerns about a question on the jury questionnaire, Judge James Zagel said so long as jurors don't think the entire political system or everyone in it is corrupt, it should be 'fine,' though some prospective jurors were clearly biased.

Jurors were asked whether they thought politicians take money to influence their decisions. Blagojevich lawyer Lauren Kaeseberg said the defense was concerned "a lot of people have an objection to the system," and asked the judge to instruct jurors that the political system is not on trial. One person in particular was obviously "embittered," Zagel said.

"There are a couple of individuals who regard the entire system as corrupt. One individual I can think of .... You can't fail to notice that this person is embittered by life in general ," Zagel said. "That attitude would probably not make for the best juror."

Zagel also said that many jurors probably have legitimate excuses to be dismissed from the jury.

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