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Blagojevich retrial: Marshals reopen overflow courtroom

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

The overflow courtroom, used by reporters from a few different media outlets, including the Sun-Times, has been reopened. According to one reporter, deputy U.S. marshals said they were "just working out the kinks" as they tried to decide whether or not the room should stay open.

Judge James Zagel is about to reconvene the court after a quick ten-minute break. He's interviewed several potential jurors already this morning, including a man who said his main hobby is keeping up with his six grandkids, and another who wrote on his questionnaire that he thought a relative of Blagojevich's has a "foul mouth." When Zagel mentioned it, Blagojevich turned to his wife Patti, smiled and mouthed the word "You."

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Dito... What time do you think you'll have to get there when the trial begins in order to get a seat?

Does that mean Zagel's courtroom is not full? I know it's not as high-profile this time, but if one wanted to come watch the proceedings, is it as easy as just showing up when the day's proceedings begin?

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