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#Blagojevich retrial: Day one of jury questioning. Ex-Gov to show.

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Rod Blagojevich redux begins today with potential jurors facing questioning and the former governor's first appearance since he was convicted of just one out of 24 counts last summer.

Attorneys on both sides of Rod Blagojevich's criminal case spent last evening sorting through questionnaires filled out by some 150 potential jurors.

"We were told 50 questionnaires were ready," said Blagojevich defense lawyer Sheldon Sorosky as he reviewed the papers Wednesday night. Sorosky said jurors had to answer 100 questions in the questionnaire, including their knowledge of the case, their employment and criminal history.

Math on the jurors:
• 18 will be seated: 12 regular jurors and six alternates.
• The defense will have 13 challenges, the prosecution 9
• That means they must question at least 40 "qualified" jurors, or ones who will survive cause strikes. The judge can agree to strike some candidates for "cause" including the person saying he or she cannot put aside biases.

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