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Blagojevich retrial: Chicago Tribune employee a potential juror

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Reporting with Lark Turner

A Chicago Tribune employee who runs the "Around the Town" section was just questioned in the retrial of Rod Blagojevich.

He's not likely to make it much further.

The man also once worked at the Chicago Sun-Times and reads a slew of daily newspapers.

He said he'd have a tough time sitting as a juror since he'd be needed at work. U.S. District Judge James Zagel said that was unselfish of him, given the book opportunity he was passing up. The man laughed and said he wouldn't make a very good writer.

Asked if he had anything to do with Blagojevich coverage, the man said he'd read numerous editorials by his newspaper, spoke with people who covered the stories for his paper and noted the "voracious" appetite for the case in general.
"Other than that," he said to much laughter, "No."

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