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Blagojevich retrial: Afternoon jurors include Republican rocker, choral director

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Judge James Zagel has already run through eleven jurors this afternoon, including a one-time Republican donor who's a rock drummer and a retired choral director who worked in a parish.

Other potential jurors:

--Three women who work in dental offices. One, a doctor's assistant, wrote on her questionnaire: "As far as this trial, I believe I have already made a decision about Blagojevich." She said she could probably be impartial, but is concerned about finances.

--A talkative scientist who studies sleep problems, in whose occupation Zagel expressed some passing interest. "How long do they have to sleep" to test sleeping habits, he wondered. "About five hours," answered the scientist, who then launched into an explanation of why that was necessary.

--A soon-to-be college graduate who said he believes the political system encourages corruption, but could probably put that aside if he was a juror. He's unemployed and done with school, and likes socializing with friends and playing video games.

--A male therapist who works in a small practice and has about 30 patients, two of whom might be suicidal.

--An unemployed mother of three who used to work in a manufacturing company and likes arts and crafts.

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