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Blagojevich potential juror would hold it against former governor if he doesn't testify

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Reporting with Lark Turner

As the quizzing of Blagojevich jurors continues this afternoon, a retired small business owner said he's heard the former governor promise he'd testify so many times, he would hold it against him if he didn't take the stand.
"I think I would have a bias against the defendant," the man told U.S. District Judge James Zagel. Zagel tried pinning down the man, asking if he could follow Zagel's order to not hold it against the defendant if he didn't testify.
"In this trial if he didn't do so I think that would be somewhere in my mind," the man said, again reiterating that Blagojevich made the promise publicly so many times.
"I think I could, but I can't say for sure your honor."

Also questioned was a corporate lawyer, who once worked as a prosecutor in Lake County and later for the Securities and Exchange Commission seemed to be giving signals he wasn't big on sitting on the Rod Blagojevich jury. Besides knowing a lot about Blagojevich, the man said not being able to go to work would be a hardship.

"I think I'm more disappointed in our political system and certain politicians," the potential juror, #115, told Zagel of his opinion on politicians. "The difficulty is ... I'm fairly well versed in the issues surrounding this matter. While I would make every attempt to do so (be fair) I have formulated an opinion."

Zagel then pressed the gentleman if he could meet the challenge.
"If I were sworn in as a juror, I would certainly make every good faith effort to meet that, sure."

The next juror, #116, answered on his questionnaire that he believed that Blagojevich "was guilty." Could he put that view aside if he were seated as a juror? "I believe so."

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The comment all these jurors seem to be saying are telling me that there certainly can't be a fair trial her, if anywhere, especially if any of these folks make it on the jury(to me it seems like the defense should have twice as many if not three times as many no questions asked dismissels these people all hate him)

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