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Publicist: Rod Blagojevich's tsunami not same as Japan's

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Gov. Rod Blagojevich's publicist, Glenn Selig, released this statement in response to the former governor's remarks on a radio program this morning. Blagojevich called his legal predicament "my tsunami."

From Selig:
"The governor never compared the events in his life to the tsunami disaster in Japan. He used the word 'tsunami' as a metaphor to describe how the world crashed around him. Given the utter devastation associated with the tsunami in Japan, it would be absurd to suggest the current catastrophe is anything like the events in his life. He doesn't believe that or think that and, indeed, never said that. For reporters and headlines to suggest otherwise is just plain wrong."

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Isn't this the reason people listen, we can't wait for him to put his foot in his mouth...The listeners didn't tune in out of love and respect, they tuned in because they knew he was going to say somthing off the wall crazy...

Nice try, Selig.
But he use of that reference as a metaphor is and was inappropriate no matter how you wrap it.
Another case of poor judgment.

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