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Blagojevich off to jolly 'ol England?

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It's drawn the likes of Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama and Winston Churchill.
It's also drawn O.J. Simpson.
Now, according to a new federal court filing, Rod Blagojevich could be added to the list of people to speak at the Oxford Union in England.
Blagojevich lawyers say he was invited to speak at the debating and speaking society at Oxford University which calls itself: "the most illustrious student society in the world."
The filing did not specify whether he'd be paid and representatives with the Oxford Union could not be immediately reached.
"Blagojevich has been invited to speak before Oxford Union during their present term, which concludes March 12, 2011," a newly-filed court motion says.
The last time Rod Blagojevich asked to leave the country after his arrest, however, he got a flat denial.
That time, he wanted to film a reality show in Costa Rica.
Because it's outside the country, Judge James Zagel must OK the trip. The request comes more than a month before Blagojevich's April 20, retrial.
That could be an uphill battle, given Zagel's reaction last time -- he told Blagojevich to stay home and focus on his criminal case.
The Union web site says it has an "unparalleled reputation for international guests and speakers."
That includes a pretty wide range: from Mother Theresa to O.J. Simpson.
The Union web site sums up some of its historical speakers:
"In the 1970s, Richard Nixon in his first public speech after Watergate admitted, 'I screwed up - and I paid the price.' In the 1980s, Gerry Adams, still under his television ban, addressed the Union's members. In Michaelmas 1996, O. J. Simpson made his only public speech in Britain after the controversial "not guilty" verdict in his criminal trial. The Oxford Union believes first and foremost in freedom of speech: nothing more, nothing less."

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Rod Blagojevich's lawyers will be in federal court Tuesday to ask U.S. District Judge James Zagel whether he can travel to England to speak at the venerable Oxford Union. The former governor is not expected to be in the... Read More

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rofl. If Blago's a villain because the media made him look like one, then the judge is an incompetent hack who only has a job because he kisses butt, because that's how the media made him look. Fair's fair.

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