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Rahm responds to "missing" Blagojevich tape

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By Fran Spielman and Natasha Korecki

Mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel addressed the subject of the "missing" tape with some of the same language he has used for months to describe his conversations with Rod Blagojevich.

He hearkened back to a two-year-old report by then-President-elect Obama's transition team that concluded there were "about four" conversations between Emanuel and Blagojevich Chief-of-Staff John Harris, but "nothing inappropriate or any deal-making."

"It also noted that I was asked at the time by the President's transition (team) to provide a list of four names for the U.S. Senate: Tammy Duckworth, Jan Schakowsky, Dan Hynes and Congressman Jesse Jackson [Jr.]," Emanuel recalled, noting that there was a separate conversation about Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

Trial testimony indicated that Blagojevich and his team considered this list a "BS list."

"I provided that list. Then, there was a question -- The governor's representative said, `What's in it for us.' And I responded, `You'll get thanks and appreciation‚ [but nothing more]. You also know how the [former] governor responded to the word, `appreciation.' That's been detailed over two years ago in the report."

Testimony at Rod Blagojevich's trial indicated that it was in fact lobbyist John Wyma who passed on that message to the Blagojevich team in early November, 2008 at Emanuel's request. Wyma at that point had been cooperating with the feds in their probe against the former governor and provided the government with the necessary information to put up wiretaps against Blagojevich.

Emanuel sloughed off the suggestion that the Blagojevich filing might be politically timed to embarrass him less than two weeks before the mayoral election.

When a television reporter noted that the filing goes out of its way to say that Emanuel did nothing wrong, the candidate laughed and said, "I look forward to your coverage tonight."

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Ridiculous Rahm stories...
Missing court papers and sly polls seem to be headlining across the country this day before a very historic mayors race in Chicago.
The polls appear faulty in their methods, but so enormous in gap that they could succeed in people feeling there is already a winner! Let's face it; there are "special interest groups" that would be delighted to see light voter turn out from the south and west sides of the city.
Particularly the last touted poll by ABC, Richard Day is sorely mistaken. Now that many people primarily use mobile phones for their only contact, this eliminates many from poll involvement. And the numbers indicate that if out of the "just Black voters" representative group,(Black voters make up approximately 47% of voters in Chicago) only 64 people voted for Ms. Mosley Braun, this would be historical indeed. In fact, suggesting the other black voters all split among the other candidates would be historical...the very first time it has happened in history!

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